Starry starry night~~and a constellation (and first post! Yay!)

I like to talk about stars and planets and universe. Period. Why? They are so beautiful, accessible and deep. I will attempt to communicate astronomy (not astrology!) in this blog through simple explanations and visual materials.

For starters, I will always choose either of these two famous constellations – Orion and Scorpius. This month onwards, we can see Orion in the night sky if the weather shows us some mercy.

Look towards the East around 8pm tonight, you can see something like this:


When you connect the dots (as what the ancient Greeks did), you can see patterns emerging:


Yes, that human-shaped pattern at the centre is Orion the Hunter.


The three stars in a line are called Orion’s Belt, and if you zoom in somewhere around his crotch, you can see (with a powerful telescope of course):

Orion Nebula
Credit: NASA

Breathtaking, isn’t it? 😉 Try spotting Orion tonight if you haven’t done so! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Starry starry night~~and a constellation (and first post! Yay!)”

    1. Thanks for reading! Light pollution is one of the major problems for stargazing in cities. We still can see some interesting stuff there, Orion is a good example 🙂

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