Wired Symposium – An Astronaut’s Life on ISS

Imagine yourself in this situation: sitting in a circle and talking to people you just newly meet? Sounds like a ice-breaking game in an orientation camp doesn’t it? We just did it with my lovely MW5202 folks in a “WIRED SYMPOSIUM”.

In the activity, we were supposed to read an article on Wired magazine or website and tell a 3-minute story. Everyone had one week to prepare. It was similar to the 60-second science presentation I did last year in MW5201.

The article I picked is “An Astronaut on Treating Earth Like a Huge Spaceship” written by Chris Hadfield. Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who stayed in International Space Station (ISS) for 6 months last year, and he recounted his experience in ISS with us.

Commander Chris Hadfield juggled some tomatoes in space.

First of all, let’s listen to his cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” in ISS (man, this is the first MV shot in the freakin’ space!)

He is very active on Twitter as well, and beamed down photos and tweets from ISS:

Pretty, aren’t they? They show an intricate web of connections between cities and farms. We are living on finite resources and finite lands, trying to sustain billions of lives. ISS, despite being the pinnacle of human engineering and science achievement, is very subject to delicate environment controls (solar panels, water recycling, air purification etc). Yet it can only sustain 6 crew members at a time. Earth, Hadfield argues, is much like ISS — We are living on a giant spaceship that whizzes around the Sun.

When in space Hadfield once asked his followers what place they want to take a picture of. The most common answer is “HOME”. Hadfield think that “HOME” should not be limited to our hometown or country, instead we may take a global view on problems and try to solve them, be it vaccination, food crisis, global warming etc… Communication tools are so accessible and easy to use nowadays, we just need to use it to exchange ideas and spark up solutions!

It is not a perfect world, but it is ours. Sometimes you have to leave home to truly see it.
In the end everything went well (not including my mild attempt of singing)! I learnt something from my friends and Siva as well. 🙂

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