Wish you a happy horse year!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deRBcwvzef4]

Malaysia Astro TV has been producing quality shows that showcases local talents and scenery these years. In particular I like their new year song for this year – it is uplifting, infused with positive energy and a happy sing-along song. Most importantly its lyrics isn’t full of Gong Xi Fa Cai or striking a lottery (too cringe worthy for me). We shall wish each other a peaceful and happy year, shan’t we? 🙂 Enjoy the MV and have a happy horse year!

Lyrics (my poor attempt of translating)

Verse 1:

I opened my window, walking with the spring breeze

I don’t wanna stop, just because the dream is just ahead

I hung the red lanterns up, wishing the great luck with you

Behind each dark cloud, there’s always a silver lining

Verse 2:

Along the journey, lucky to have you to share my ups and downs

Grateful for having your positive energy with every footstep made

Look, still many dreams yet on our shoulders after so many years

Why don’t we get prepared and soar in the sky this year?


Let’s get started! Charge forward together!

Let’s sing our song! Chase away the troubles!

Hey my friends, give me your hand

Let’s embrace the spring together

Chorus 2:

Let’s get started! Charge forward together!

Let’s laugh out loud! Learn how to let go

Wish you all a fruitful year

Together with you, charge forward with full horse power on!


我打开了窗口 随春风到处走
不想停留 只因为梦想在前头
挂上了红灯笼 鸿运陪着你走
乌云背后 总会有阳光在守候

一路上 快乐忧伤 幸好有你 陪在我身旁
我感恩 每个脚步 都有你的 正能量
多年后 回头看看 多少梦想 依旧在肩上
趁今年 准备好 去翱翔

动起来 一起来加油
唱起来 烦恼都抛走
好朋友 伸出手

动起来 一起来加油
笑起来 学会了包容
祝福你 大丰收
一路有你 马力全开 向前冲

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