The Power of Video and Photo in a Science Demonstration – A TED talk

The power of video and photo in a science demonstration – A TED talk

Here is a TED talk by Fabian Oefner about the making of eye-catching art from everyday science. He showed slow motion videos of dancing crystals on vibrating membrane (3000 frames per second!) which is mesmerizing.

He also live demoed two experiments – ferrofluid and whiskey in a bottle. Coupled with slow motion videos and HD photos science is viewed as a piece of art. Not to dismiss the inherent beauty of science itself, but these pictures do make people gasp and think – How did he do that? Why is that happening? I think this is a very important task for educators to work on.

Although these three experiments are quite common in labs (I have personally performed them before) the videos really add another dimension to my thinking. Perhaps I should invest in a good slowmo camera!

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