Maker Movement – What did you make recently?

In April this year I was sent to Shenzhen by Science Centre to take part in one of major events in the city – Shenzhen Maker Faire 2014. It is the third and the largest faire so far and estimated to attract thirty thousand makers, exhibitors and visitors during the 2-day event.

For those uninitiated, Maker Movement or “Making” started in United States a few years back in 2006. Dale Dougherty (creator of “Web 2.0”) founded a magazine for people to share their projects, products or tutorials. Be it a simple glowing-in-the-dark bike, a DIY digital watch or a moving muffin cart, these cool projects were shared and discussed, modified and improved by makers in their backyards or garages. Once in a year, makers in their local community gather around and showcase their work in a carnival. This is how “Maker Faire” gets its name. To date, Flagship Maker Faire are held in San Mateo, California, Detroit and New York. Along with dozens of featured and mini Maker Faire around the world, Maker Faire provides a platform for people to share, interact and educate each other.

These muffin monsters move.

Making stuff is not only a great way to learn and do some cool gadgets or toys, but also an excellent method to teach our future generation. By making stuff, we can teach our kids how to use tools, how to identify a problem and how to solve a problem with tools. Most importantly, the kids know how stuff works from bottom-up, instead of the traditional top-down approach. In my opinion it is an essential skill to pick up in the consumerism-oriented society. This is what Maker Movement is about.


So, what did you make recently? Share with us in the comment!

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