X-Science Symposium: Photo Gallery

Litres of midnight oil has been burned, thousands of hairs has been lost, packets of potato chips has been eaten… all this sacrificial acts have been conducted for the finale of MW5202  – X-science Symposium. Now all the dust has settled, let’s look at some pictures of the day (thanks Siva!)


Busy preparing


Secretly discussing how to chase people away


Our two bouncers ‘Double Jo’ outside Mendel Auditorium. Johann (left) and Joseph (right).


X-Science Symposium started!


I think I can go Okto and host Kids programme. *waves at Mediacorp*


I really like this demo. (Laser bounces in the water stream due to Total Internal Reflection)


Another favorite demo by Prof Sow. (A way to check how stressed an object is. Photoelasticity)


An enthusiastic boy during my demonstration. Thank you! 😀

It’s over. Our paths shall cross again and see you soon! 🙂

Check out the full album on Siva’s Flickr.

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