After a long hiatus… and a short lesson about Newton’s third law

It occurred to me that I have not been writing for a long time. I would like to blame it on my busy schedule and inconsistent attitude in writing. Things changed and situations shifted in the last year, but I digress.

So I attended this course “Work in a Team” at Kaplan these two days. One of the activities we were asked to do was to draw something on a piece of A4 paper. We were free to draw anything we want, so here it is mine:


The end result is not very surprising. In your subconscious mind, you will just draw what you have in mind the most. It shows my nerdy side of Physics! This illustrates Newton’s Third Law of Motion in which states that for every action there is an equal and opposition reaction. If you slap on the table, your hand will feel the pain too, don’t you? In this painstakingly drawn diagram, the first skater pushes the other (action) and in turn a reaction is exerted back on the first skater. The end result? The two skaters push each other away despite that only the first skater pushed actively.

Looking back to the course, it somehow translates to a teamwork environment. If we keep pushing people to a specific goal we will end up getting further from it. If we force people to do things, those might not be get done in the end. The worse is that the relationship between you and the person might turn sour as well.

What’s the better way then? Instead of pushing, why not pulling him/her closer to you and move towards the common goal together? It is just like pair skating, isn’t it?

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