Spoon for a Doubloon



So this is a thing now, professional cuddling offered to total strangers is getting popular in the states now. Such for-profit venture claims to help solve emotional problems more and more people face – lack of intimacy and touch.

On the surface, it seems familiar – some people do offer hugs to passers-by on the street for free, and it’s done out of goodwill. But what if money is involved? Do, or can we attach a price tag to a simple hug?

To me it’s somehow similar to massage services popular among us – that people touching us for a price is neither surprising or displeasing. Look at the number of people paying a visit to local or overseas massage parlours, we do love a touch here and there.

I do wonder if we put a survey on the acceptance of paid cuddling in Singapore, the number would be much lower than those willing to pay for a good kneading. Both claim medical benefits of  questionable nature, apply similar techniques and occur similar socio-economic phenomena (female practitioners and male clients are of majority). What is your opinion of paid cuddling? Would you like to see it locally?

Nonetheless, the various positions in professional cuddling are amusing:

Gummy Bear Mystery Flavor: This is the closest cuddling position you could possibly imagine. We’re squished together on our sides. I have my arm up above his, with my head wrapped around his head. My leg is over his hips.

Tarantino: (Named after Quentin Tarantino, who is an introvert with a foot fetish). The client is sitting up against the wall and I sit underneath his knees and put my feet on his chest. Note: we only do this position for people who don’t have a sexual fetish with feet.

Mama Bear: One person is in the fetal position up against the wall; the other lays his or her head on them. It’s like a giant human pillow.

Cloak: This is a position we use for our autistic clients. The client lies on his stomach with his legs out straight, then we lay directly on top of them, like two pancakes.

Well, it can get really awkward.

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