Space Sword! From 1400 BC


The common point between King Tut and Sokka.

Avatar’s Sokka wielded a sword forged from a meteorite, and scientists found out the real life version of that. Meet King Tut (King Tutankhamun) from Egypt, 14th Century ago. Reigning Eygpt at its peak, the King was often seen as one of the most powerful Pharoahs. His tomb, discovered in 1922, contains countless artifacts, including a dagger shown below.

By shining high energy X Ray at the blade, the researchers at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy collected the fluorescent light emitted by the different elements. Their analysis showed that the composition is mainly iron, 10% of Nickel and 0.5% of Cobalt, not unlike the typical ingredients in a meteorite. A curious fact is that the iron had not been smelted in a mass scale until 600 years later.

The fall of meteors was often viewed as a divine sign among early civilisations, signifying angelic messages, omens or bad luck. Imagine this: you lived in Egygt 3000 years ago and your king forged a blade out of a rock dropped from the sky. A gift from the God himself! Many things once we considered mystic are now clear and simple, and how many more we think impossible will be explained in the future?

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