Second Thoughts

Dear People of Earth,

We would like to congratulate your achievements so far. Since our initiation, the observations we made of your progress have been all predicted by MAL, our Mother Analytics Lobe, with 2.5% of deviation. Well done, human.

It’s always intriguing to me how life proves its worth through fights and struggles. You discovered how to use fire by being scorched and burned; you learnt that your planet is a round ball by subjecting your own kind to the unrelenting oceans; you powered your people with technology that you invented; and you managed to land on Moon and Mars by putting yourselves in a flying canister that may explode in the air. Grave danger promises great rewards. In a short span of ten thousand years, your effort is commendable.

It may seem that you have formed a highly functioning society through rational cooperation, I can’t think of anything but the opposite: your advancement is not . Fire was used to chase away and burn other organisms we place together in this simulation. Exploring ocean was a way to exploit and slave your own kind. Your abuse of your planet’s resource have brought unprecedented change to the climate. The motivation of going beyond Earth was just to prove to your neighbour your countrymen were slightly smarter and richer, in the name of “cold war”. To us, this is on the borderline of logic dysfunction. The act of building foundation and then tearing it down is a negative-sum game for any fledging civilisation.

One of your most shining yet regrettable deeds is that you learnt the progress of communication. In our past simulations, we tried different models in our testing population: swarm-like intelligence, hive-mind command, dictatorial governance. When you were still out hunting and hiding in caves, you bellowed and showed your teeth to exert dominance; you believed in the ruling of few selected kings and queens, gambling your fate in the cause of divine beings; and you moved forward to where you are right now, selecting your leader by pitching your ideals to your fellows.

Unfortunately we may need to reconsider the simulation. MAL received a worrying signal six hundreds Earth minutes ago, which pushed our indicators beyond the confidence limits. MAL advised us to your planet on a close observation before the inevitable. It’s always a loss to our progress if an experiment goes awry without supervision.

We will get in touch next time when MAL’s second thought fires up. Xul, signing off.

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

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