He woke up in a shock. That’s much earlier than scheduled. The land was dead in silence except the faint whirring sound of machines far away. Two hours later, the Sun would rise and shine, and he’d need to go back to work. Although it doesn’t take much effort to work nowadays but you gotta earn a living by doing your minimum.

He looked around with his half-open eyes: this is a small room, 3 by 5 metres, considered a living quarter comfortable by today’s standard. A clean housing is one of the perks working for the government. With so many people fighting for so few jobs, he’s more than happy to take it, even if he needed to travel billions of miles away to work. Away from his hometown. He felt an emotion, empty and hallow from the inside, but struggled to describe it. “Lonely” is not exactly a word required in his workplace.

Looking at the clock, he stood in front of the only furniture in his room. A mirror showed a sagged body, shining under the light with a green glint. He wiped off any dust and dirt he could spot with a towel. He drank a cup of green concentrated juice; that’s enough sustenance for the whole day. Government ration, and productivity is always the top priority. No time for meals more than necessity.

He opened the door and saw the Sun is about to rise. He greeted his neighbours who are on their way to work and walked in a brisk. The government mandates them to be on time for his work. One second late and you’ll be in grave trouble. His field requires precise timing to maximise the production. Outside of the room is a bed with a cable attached to one end. He laid down on the bed and plugged the cable into a small opening beside his left temple. At the same time, thousands of his neighbours do the same. When the first ray of the sunlight creeps to his head, it’s time to contribute to the colony again.

via Daily Prompt: Vegetal

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