Lofty (3)

In the Serpents System, House of Kuros is not the only one who held the power. There were four other Houses which, together with Kuros, were in a reluctant state of collaboration. To maintain the stable equilibrium of authorities across the Empire spanning two hundred light years, the Heads came to a consensus that lending each other their strength is a long-term, profitable investment.

Science, the study of interaction between matter and energy, has been Kurosian’s forte. They make up their physical weakness by empowering their minds, connecting to the cosmic threads and absorbing the knowledge. The rest of the Houses shared the mind by sharing muscle, food, energy and lies. This, in turn, made Xul uneasy.

Xul has been the chief scientist leading the research of cosmic logic and quantum computing for three and half lives. Despite his mind being downloaded to a new host twice, he was still like a new-born Kurosian baby. Hungry, eager and never afraid to take chances. He once created a tiny time loop generator which caused the death of one talented colleague. He was the first one to sign up the opportunity to lead the recovery expedition to MAL.

He brought a team of twenty scientists, all from his lab, to MAL. When their spindle landed, he could not believe what he saw. Rows of machines, three hundred metres each, stood in lines, neatly arranged like chess pieces. Low, dull sound bounces off each other as if they were… communicating.  Self-initiated communication by artefacts were not unheard of, but on this lone, remote planet? The projected probability was much less than the standard P value.

The team glided across between the machines, busily picking data and recording down observation. It seemed that the machines’ syntax was logical, its use of variables and constants similar to Kurosian’s language. Xul, tapping its head with his first index, was wondering the reason while one of his apprentices notified him of a strange pedestal between the 245th and 247th row.

He made his way to the place, just to see a black console decorated with alien glyphs. Its appearance reminded him of a certain taste – exquisite and lofty. It was like intelligence and wisdom manifested in the physical world so flesh beings could be amazed and humbled.

Xul waved his tentacles on the floating squares and circles on the console. He felt it – the surge of knowledge, revelation and salvation, under the control of the House of Kuros. No longer the House needs to bend its back to the others, and could finally erect its flag in the Serpents and the neighbouring systems.

via Daily Prompt: Lofty

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