Fish (4)

The Promethean city blinked restlessly in the night. Millions of lines, flexible yet strong, stretched across the skyline. Arranged in a radial pattern, the threads connected every dwelling to a tall structure at the centre, which glowed with a mesmerizing, rhythmic light.

A figure moved steathily on a narrow path between two square buildings. The silhouette, covered in the darkness of the night, was of feministic nature. Seemingly in a rush, it squiggled hastily and skipped a beat now and then.

The shadow came to a halt when a light cast out on its left side. It covered its face with first and third indices and hid in a corner.

“Well well, what string pulled you here, my little sweetheart?” A voice, an unwelcoming one.

It tapped its head and glided into the building.

Emanating the lights were pairs of little balls hanging on the ceiling. Each of them resemble an eyeball harvested from some sort of aquatic creatures. It’s a common source of light called Coldray, or coldie as the people liked to call it.

It removed its cowl with the first two indices and said, “I guess I didn’t send my travel itinerary to you this time”. Sitting in the room was a giant creature, upper body appear vaguely like a human and lower body a tail. Its head was flat with the eyes grown at opposite side. A small glob of orange appendage hung from its top to the front.

The creature laughed, a laughter filled with a complex spectrum of low and high pitches. “I could smell you at the instant you first stepped here. Don’t you know our people are pretty good at sniffing the bad from the good?”

“My pleasure to tickle your sense today then, madame,” It said.

“Stop the pretense, my dear, who doesn’t know you people from House of Durous are good at lies? Tell me, what brought you here to Promethean today?” The glob swung and glowed more intensely while she spoke.

It frowned, its top eye squeezed into a tiny wrinkle raisn. “As the Deceit department, it is our nature to keep an extra eye on our friends. I bet you can’t beat the evolution, we are born to sense things.”

via Daily Prompt: Fish

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