Tart (5)

Her shriek went an octave higher. Her glob started to oscillate in a frequency resonant to her laughter. “Well said, just like a rookie who just graduated from the academy.” She glanced to the side and two machines hovered out behind her. Those were curved metal cylinders, with two metal wings and four pairs of indices attached to the side. Called Shrimps, they were a common sight in household.

She sighed, “take a seat, youngling. Your teacher should have given more tuition.”

It peered at her and followed the instruction. Her mentor once commented that her honesty might cost her life one day eventually. She curled her four rear indices in a concentric circle and settled on the floor.

She looked at it with an piercing stare. The shrimps buzzed back and put down a plate carefully between them. On it were two small cups of black liquid and two plates with a certain delicacy. Hot steam swirled up from the cups – it was tea, a drink reserved for meeting and discussion.

What caught its eyes were the things on the plate, a flat cylinder with tapered sides, a product shaped by fire, and a craft designed by an artisan. Under the coldies, its yellow crust muddled by the blue light.

“Madame, thank you for your hos…” It spoke before being interrupted by her. “Here, we eat first before we talk. Help yourself with the tart.”

A tart. Such food is a rare sight in Durous, as its people were afraid of fire, let alone wielding and using it to make anything. It was not one of them though, and could almost feel the lively flame contained in the tart.

The Madame said, “So I heard you were here for some matter regarding the¬†threads?”

via Daily Prompt: Tart

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