Percolate (7)

D’ion looked into her eyes. “Madame, I will need you to grant a backdoor access to Story Seven.” She took a metallic token out from her pocket. Its shape resembles an octagon with eight extended short prongs. “M’sha’s instructions.”

Mademe took a close look at the token. “A rare sight here in the city.” With a signal, the two shrimps hovering around her started to gather behind D’ion. They retracted their short indices, and a long thin tube extended out from each body.

As D’ion saw the two speechless maachines approaching her, she closed her eyes and opened up her head indices, which was interfaced with the tubes shortly. There was a slight pain,  but she endured.

The startup sequence initiated and data streams started flowing in. She closed her eyes. Like a sieve, the interface provided an access for her so that the two shrimps were able to insert her mind in the threads.

via Daily Prompt: Percolate

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