That’s not how it should have ended. All the research, all the hard work, all the time the team has spent in finding the truth culminated to an empty promise.

For a lack of better term, he was forced to walk the path alone now. His team has perished one by one in the name of discovery. He still remembered how the headlines reported the collaboration – “An All-Star Team Strive to Look for the Secret of the Universe”. The clash of intelligence will bring a spark in the darkness to cast a glimpse on the answer. Provided there is any, of course.

In the first few years, they got extraordinary results. With the particles colliding, the coffee brewing, the liquid helium cooling, the lasers focusing, the papers were being churned out day by day. He thought to himself they were getting closer and closer to the answer after every beer session.

And the progress halted. It was like a bullet train which decided to hit the “ABORT” button to hit a wall. For years, the team was stuck at what they had, puzzled and disappointed. They were the best the world could offer, the experts in their own fields, the cream of the crop in this big pot of seven billions people.

Three committed suicide, two killed each other in a fiery argument, and four lost their mind and ended in an asylum. They all went out like a candle, snuffled by an invisible hand one after another. He could not figure out why, but he almost felt that there was something not ought to be discovered. What if there were something greater, some ideas beyond human’s ability to comprehend? If sanity was defined by one’s ability to think and understand rationally, then the knowledge might exist outside the realm of sanity. An answer that couldn’t be explained at all.

Anticipation kills, he recalled his mentor’s words.

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

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