“6:53am.” He looked at his watch, murmuring to himself. He had checked his phone for the bus timing – the bus to take him to his workplace is supposed to be here in 2 minutes time. Smartphone, he argued to himself once, was one of the greatest inventions by humanity. Of course, it took him few months to learn this gadget that he once called a toy.

After spending a good twenty minutes of swiping his phone mindlessly, he reached his destination. Squinting his eyes in the reflection of the building, his company looked grander, bigger, and further from what he had imagined. When he interviewed for his first (and arguably the last) job in the company, the building was not even a building yet. The whole district was only developed ten years later he joined.

He stepped into his room when the digital clock showed 8:30am. He took a leisure time to make a coffee for himself. It was almost a ritual to him, to wake his brain up to face a new wave of nothingness. He has fought for thirty years to get this position, only to realize it might not worth the time and effort at all. After all, he was only a gear in the mega conglomerate, turning grinding and spinning to an unknown target.

He punched the keyboard loud, half-consciously to remind his coworkers and colleagues that he was doing real work. He’s pretty good at this – checking emails, replying a few urgent ones and saving others for the afternoon. Gotta keep the expectation manageable. He did not look forward to the lunchtime – he found that the day ran shorter behind a computer screen rather than beside a water cooler.

His alarm clock rang silently. 5:30pm. Time to pack up for another night at home. Alone. He barely felt anything nowadays, the time ticking away second by second. People said that life is like riding on a wave – you needed to enjoy while it is high tide, and to wait while it is low. Except, he thought to himself, he would have dropped into the ocean before reaching the low. Life was like a YouTube video, people only watched the first and last minute, mindlessly tapping the progress bar to skip the middle stage.

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

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