He was constantly on a good mood. He was full of excitement, bursting with energy. Like a dog unleashed in a grassy park or a cat patted on its furry head, he was happy and not afraid to show it in public. It was raining marshmallow and lollipops everywhere he went.

A notification beeped. It must be another Like or Follow from his friends. He popped the notification and checked the number: 357 Likes on his photos last week for a trip in Italy. That photo with him posing like a Starbucks siren holding a latte – and everyone knows Italy has no Starbucks – caught the attention again. He always had that edge of photography over his friends.

He tweeted the same photo with a caption: “Italy terrorized by my wonderful voice. Make Starbucks Great Again!” In five minutes, it was favourited, retweeted and replied few dozens times. Five new followers today, 3 of them hot babes. He hit the jackpot again, maybe one day he will be on the list of trending topics on Twitter.

The same patterns occurred through the day. Share, Follow, Like, Favourite, Retweet – He never stopped in spreading his social influence to his sphere of friends. In a better term, he was unstoppable, driven by an undeniable desire to share and by an undying anticipation to see the numbers going up.

It was a long day. Two men in white robes removed a headset from a man. While they were pulling him out of a sphere contraption, a third man looked at the charts on a wall screen. “That’s a high number today, good job everyone.” The patient, sitting on a chair, listened to the doctors’ discussion on how this prototype machine that echoes one’s thoughts and reinforces in a positive feedback loop, and how it helps to alleviate the increasing number of depressed people who couldn’t shine in real life.

He didn’t really care. He just sat there silently, wishing to scream in his little own echo bubble again.

via Daily Prompt: Echo

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